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Career Development

Rice University BioSciences Research Collaborative (BRC)

Linbeck Academy

Linbeck has one of the highest employee retention rates in the industry. Why? In part, because we have an excellent career development process and outstanding education program through Linbeck Academy. 

We set high standards, develop intelligent processes, and hire the best people. As a result, our firm is innovative and dynamic.

When you join Linbeck, your career path is flexible enough to allow for either technical specialization or a generalist approach. Linbeck Academy is designed to help you define and meet your long term career goals. 

Employees focus on four elements of competency:
  1. Technical/Managerial
  2. Business Acumen
  3. Human Relationships
  4. Leadership

The Linbeck Academy is intended to support on-boarding, career advancement, and individual growth and is organized in five clusters:
  1. Baseline
  2. Builder School
  3. Lean Operating System
  4. Supervision
  5. Leadership
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