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Linbeck provide a web-accessible portal called TeamBuild for all projects we build. This proprietary system allows our project teams to exchange information freely and easily, all in a singular platform.

When challenges are identified in a project, TeamBuild employs an iterative proactive approach that engages the project team and encourages them to collaboratively develop solutions or strategies. This collective engagement creates a stronger team, decreases the chances of delay, and ultimately adds greater value to our projects.

Hear from the second owner and former president Leo Linbeck, Jr. as he describes the value of TeamBuild years before it became industry-standard.

Client Testimonials

For more than 80 years, Linbeck has worked closely with clients across Texas and the United States to deliver complex, world-class facilities that stand at the forefront of the healthcare, cultural, educational, and commercial industries.
While we are committed to providing the best quality building services, we are all the more dedicated to seeing our clients succeed as individuals within our communities. They are doctors, nurses, non-profits, and educators that have their own set of needs and visions. Linbeck understands this and uses it as fuel for every project we undertake.
The quality of the management was noticeable from day one and continued throughout the process...It truly felt like Linbeck Group, LLC was part of the Nolan Catholic High School family while they were here on campus.
Grant C. Thomas
Executive Facility Director
In reference to Nolan Catholic High School
I can say without hesitation, Linbeck's attention to detail, not only in terms of cost and construction, but also in terms of honoring the artistic intent, is beyond any expectation an artist might have.
Hiram Butler
Hiram Butler Gallery
In reference to Austin by Ellsworth Kelly
In each phase of the project, from conceptual and schematic design now to actual construction, Linbeck has been an exemplar of professionalism.

Robert Yekovich

Professor and Former Dean, The Shepherd School of Music,

In reference to Brockman Hall for Opera

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